Important facts about Hypnosis, Meditation and Altered States of Consciousness

Important facts about Hypnosis, Meditation and Altered States of Consciousness

Please understand that Altered States of Consciousness, Meditation, and Hypnosis are different names for the same thing.  The person who states they can not be hypnotized, yet tells me they meditate daily are contradicting themselves.  Anyone who concentrates for a few focused minutes can learn self-hypnosis as a means to meditate and alter their level of mind or consciousness.

            There are overlapping levels of altered awareness.  To understand your level of mind or altered state here is the break down:

Beta:  The normal activity of your brain waves during daily activity.  Brain waves measured by an electroencephalograph (EEG) at 12.5 – 30 cycles per second.   When watching television, the brain will relax and hypnotize our state of consciousness by moving to an Alpha state.

Alpha:  Light relaxation of the body and totally aware of surroundings with the ability to talk and interact.  Brain waves measured by an electroencephalograph (EEG)  at 7.5 – 12.5 cycles per second.  When drifting to sleep, the brain slows the body functions and blood pressure reduces and pictures begin to float into your awareness (dreaming).  Awareness of your body has slowly disappeared.  You are completely open to reprogramming suggestions.    Outside disturbances are less likely to distract you.

Theta: Deep relaxation takes place as our dream state of mind (Alpha) slows to 4 – 7 cycles per second.  This is deeper than your dream state or lower Alpha level of mind.  During this level of mind, you probably will not be able to remember what happens.  It is believed that one out of ten people achieves the somnambulist level.

Delta:  This level is sound asleep.  This is not a comatose level of mind because you continue to receive normal blood flow to the brain.  It is a very deep sleep and should you sleep walk, you will not remember.

      It has been said repeatedly, you can not be controlled by a hypnotist. so how does a stage hypnotist convince a man he has eleven fingers without controlling him?  The state of hypnosis is a high level of suggestibility.  This is the level of mind used to reprogram your subconscious to stop smoking or reduce your weight.  It is the deep theta or a somnambulist state of being.  Once the hypnotist guides his subject to that level of mind, the hypnotist simply expands the man’s belief system.  The man chose to accept the belief the hypnotist suggested to him.  How was he convinced he had eleven fingers?  The hypnotist removed the number two from the hypnotized man’s vocabulary.  The hypnotized man is seen confused by the fact he has six fingers on each hand, but with the missing number of two, he counts, one, three, four, five and six.  Then he tries the other hand, again six.  The hypnotist might ask if that means he has twelve fingers, of course, the answer is no.  Because he has the belief he has ten fingers.  Yet, when he counts all ten fingers he announces he has eleven.  The hypnotist’s suggestion expanded the subjects belief system into believing the number two did not exist.

     As long as you do not sabotage your reprogramming by having to experience an altered state in a specific manner, when given the suggestion to stop smoking or for weight reduction, relaxation, etc., the reprogramming will take root.  Often times a keyword will be programmed into your chosen hypnosis session for added power which you can use during the day when not listening to the hypnotic program.  This keyword will bring forth the conditioned response suggested in the hypnotic session.

How long does it take to reprogram your thoughts?

There is no way to know for sure.  What we do know from research is it takes at least twenty-one days to form a habit.  It took you at least twenty-one days to develop your five years (ten years, twenty years) smoking habit.  It is a known fact it will take longer than twenty-one days to remove it completely from your thought patterns.

      The hypnosis sessions that are listened to daily, reinforce the original deep level programming.  With that in mind, it is also beneficial to join a weekly group hypnosis session for a couple of months after the initial daily program is finished.

       When you begin to make excuses about not having enough time to listen to your MP3 or CD, then you are not ready to really commit to reprogramming that area of your life.  Everything in your life has value.  You decide what is most important.  If it is important to you, it will not be the last thing on your list of daily things to do.

How many things can be worked on at once?

       There is a mixed belief on this answer.  The rule of thumb is to work on a short-term goal and a long-term goal.

         Short-term goals might include weight reduction, becoming smoke-free, developing sports abilities, etc.

         Long term goals might include major career changes, financial freedom, healing hypnosis, a writer’s program, etc.

         Using two hypnotic sessions a day instead of ten will allow your reprogramming to take hold deeper and faster.  If you choose to create financial freedom if your second choice is to increase your sales, the overall effect will be more beneficial long term and short term it will take effect quicker.