Cynthia Carver hypnotist

Cynthia Carver, hypnotist

Sept 14, 2020 – Dayton, OH

Staff – Third Mind Hypnosis, LLC

Cynthia Carver acts as a surrogate for people who can not go under hypnosis themselves. We asked her how this even happens, how can you be hypnotized on behalf of another person. She responded, “Easily when your hypnotist received training in QHHT otherwise known as the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique.

The Quantum Healing Hypnosis Academy trained me to be a practitioner, after I finished my training I met a wonderful woman whose experience opened a world of possibilities to me. She suggested we try healing a woman who suffered from a concussion.  She took me through the three past lives recommended by Dolores Cannon, founder of QHHT, and moved me from my subconscious to the super subconscious where all things are possible. Mrs. B and her concussion were in the room with us while I was under, and she whispered what she wanted to be healed.

One request Mrs. B asked for surprised us. She had beautiful silver-white hair at 74 and she wanted to have her dark hair returned to her naturally.  The Super Subconsious granted her that healing of transformation.  She did not see any change that night, but she contacted the practitioner a week later stating her hair was coming in black.

I am truly amazed at the transformation the third mind can do for us. It can rewire our neural transmitters, clear our nerve endings, and so much more IF we will accept it. It truly is about accepting all you should be, can be, and are to be.

Whether you want to retrain and reprogram your subconscious or take it a step further and have your Third Mind make your metamorphosis with permission or combine the two types of transformational programming. Helping others, witnessing their personal successes makes me smile and act as their personal cheerleader, I find their evolution as a victorious person is magnificent.”

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Cynthia Carver began her service of helping others in 1993 when she became ordained as an interfaith minister. She conducted weddings, traditional and CosPlay. In 2004, she finished an eleven-year shamanic apprenticeship after studying with the tribal Metis elders. Her accolades of hands-on healing include MenChoo Reiki, a Chinese version of the traditional Japanese form, Spiritualist healing, mediumship, and trance as taught by Rev. Suzanne Greer (RIP). Today, she begins her studies to become our first Hypnosis Instructor. She brings with her experience as a hypnotist since 1995, expanding her certifications in 2005 as a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique practitioner. Call for your traditional or QHHT session today and experience the transformation of your dreams. (937) 754-5339


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