I own my own business and just met Cindy recently when she reached out for some graphic design and printing services. When she came in to pick up her order I asked her if she was also a medium and if I could ask her a question, she said sure and I proceeded to tell her about some ghostly experiences my 81 year old mother was experiencing in her new rental home. She has only lived there since June but in the last couple of months she experienced a purse flying off of her table along with a spoon flying across the room, both on different occasions but always landing in the middle of the living room. One of her granddaughters along with another classmate were there alone only to witness her bedroom door opening and closing on its own. Just recently she saw a red headed girl following my grown niece who just stopped by to pick something up. The girl followed her in as she walked into the dining room to grab something o the table and then walked back out of the house. My mom didn’t think much of it at the time as she thought the girl was just a friend of my niece’s. Later that day my Mom asked her who the girl was that walked in with her and my niece told her that she was alone at the time and had no one with her. I told this to Cindy and she immediately asked what my Mother’s address was. I told her and she began to channel the spirit that was invading my Mom’s home, while she was channeling I had an overwhelming feeling of lots of energy running up my back, through my shoulders and up to my head. It was the most amazing thing I have ever experienced and it’s hard to put into words what I was feeling. Cindy said she thinks the teenagers that are there during the day for virtual learning may have sparked whatever entity is there. She said it was a girl that said it was her home and she didn’t want to leave. Cindy was confident that she finally was able to get the spirit of the girl to leave but to call my Mom and make sure she was okay and to drink plenty of water. She also said to let her know if anything else happens as some spirits hide instead of leaving. If that’s the case she will do it again. Cindy is the real deal and my family and I plan on doing a reading with her in the near future. Thank you Cindy! –Jennifer Webb

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