Stage hypnosis is a quick induction and not everyone is susceptible to this type of regression. If you were told by a stage hypnotist that you could not be hypnotized, what he or she was actually telling you was that you have a strong mind and it is not suitable for quick inductions. Stage hypnotist need a subject that is willing to participate and play along. This doesn’t mean that it is fake, it means the subject has to be willing to accept the hypnotic suggestion easily.

Conversational and/or a guided meditation will put you into a relaxed state of being, with you knowing what you agree to before the induction begins. This feels safer for the person with strong control of their mind. You may not feel as if you are in an altered state of mind, but know your brainwaves are flowing at a different rate of awareness. If you are working on a specific issue, with the prepayment of four sessions or more, your first session is recorded.  60 min in length

Group hypnosis sessions are recommended for the fun exploratory events. You receive the benefit of a hypnosis session along with three or more other people. Recommended hypnosis parties fall under this headline. The Host/ess will make the reservation and pay the amount in full. These sessions are not recorded. 90 minutes in length

Group Return sessions are available for those who wish additional support. The group is taken to a deep level of relaxation, keywords are used to trigger your SubConscious into accepting the remedial suggestions. 90 minutes in length.

Individual Sessions: 1 hr.

A Virtual meeting with up to ten of your friends. This is $49 a person. Please call to arrange your Group Session. Choose your type of session:

Group Return Sessions*: $35*

*Group Return sessions are for clients who want support in addition to their 4 or 8-week programs.

Hypnosis Academy – $1,199 USD  – October 31 – November 14, 2023  (FULL)