Psychic Reading | Spiritual Reading | Tarot

There are a wide variety of ‘psychic’ readings. Psychic is a catch-all word for intuitive energy readings, with the most popular being the tarot or interpretation of the cards.

Rock divination requires an in-person reading and the client must bring with them a fist to a fist and a half-sized rock with them for this reading.

Clairvoyant can be done over the phone. This is the ability to receive pictured impressions and being able to interpret them into a meaning.

Clairsentient is the ability to feel energy impressions from another person. This is different than being an empath.

Clairaudient hears what your angels and spirit guides are conveying to you. The Clair-abilities can be used over the phone as well as the tarot.

For your Private Session – 1/2 hour $120