Third Mind Hypnosis Technique

Third Mind Hypnosis Technique

Third Mind Hypnosis is one of the easiest way to help a person transform their life. Using a natural state of being that occurred twice a day. This instance is the moment before you drift off to sleep and the moment before you are consciously awake. The level of mind is called the Somnambulistic state.

Other hypnosis techniques avoid this deep level of mind due to the unpredictable insights which may transpire. It has infinite knowledge and resides so close to our consciousness that we call it our subconscious, but it is so much more.

Your key to transformation is within this powerful aspect of you. Use it to begin your transformation of your new life. Get relief. Explore the unknown part of you. Achieve miracles with the help of your Super SubConscious.

This session includes three past lives and a discussion with your Super SubConscious recorded as an MP3 for you.

Individual Session: $299 (3 – 4.5 hours) Offline appointments only.

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