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According to the State you live in, hypnosis can be referred to as a guided meditation. Private sessions are 90 minutes to 120 minutes in duration. Conversational hypnosis allows you to respond and agree to the suggestions you have requested.

Stage hypnosis is a quick induction and not everyone is susceptible to this type of regression. If you were told by a stage hypnotist that you could not be hypnotized, what he or she was actually telling you that you have a strong mind and it is not suitable for quick inductions. Stage hypnosis needs a subject that is willing to participate and play along. This doesn’t mean that it is fake, it means the subject has to be willing to accept the hypnotic suggestion.

Conversational and/or a guided meditation that puts you into a relaxed state of being, with you knowing what you agree to before the induction begins is safer for the person with strong control of their mind. This is why your session is recorded and you can relax listening to it again. Do not drive while listening to your recording. You may not feel as if you are in an altered state of mind, but know your brainwaves are flowing at a different rate of awareness.

A group return session is made available for those who wish additional support. The group is taken to a deep level of relaxation, keywords are used to trigger your SubConscious into accepting the remedial suggestions.

Individual Sessions: 1.5 – 2 hour.

  • One session – $150
  • PrePaid Four sessions – $480

Group Sessions: 1hour

  • private groups:  2 – 3 people $75 each
  • private groups:  4+ people $55 each
  • past life regression – the theater of the mind – spirituality groups: $35 (1 hour plus share time) $49 each

Group Support Sessions

  • return clients only*: $35

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Third Mind Hypnosis

Carol Bartley, mother of Cynthia Carver, developed the technique of Third Mind Hypnosis.  This session is about three hours in length and allows you to connect with your god-self.  All sessions are recorded.

Third Mind Hypnosis works in the sombulamanistic level of mind.  It is the deepest level known at this time. Get relief, get answers, and obtain your transformation.

Other hypno-techniques avoid this deep level of mind due to the unpredictable insights which may transpire. It has infinite knowledge and resides so close to our consciousness that we call it our SubConscious.

Your key to transformation is within this powerful aspect of you. Use it to begin your transformation of your new life.

Individual Session: $299 (3 -3.5 hours)

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