Change is happening

Our motto is “Change your thoughts, Change your reality.” We embrace that belief. For the last couple of years we have been online only. Now, we are moving off line and accept it is best for our clients to re-open an office and participate in Live events. To reopen the office, first we have to […]

Thank you for allowing me to teach you.

My sincere thanks and gratitude go to the last class of the year, November 14, 2023. The camaraderie formed will carry you far as you continue to network with each other. Continue to study, share your experience in the group chat, and I’ll pop in every now and then to continue to answer questions.


I own my own business and just met Cindy recently when she reached out for some graphic design and printing services. When she came in to pick up her order I asked her if she was also a medium and if I could ask her a question, she said sure and I proceeded to tell […]

What is Hypnosis?

E1 What is Hypnosis? Welcome to Third Mind Hypnosis. Today I wanna discuss  a little bit about what is hypnosis. This is going be a really short video because hypnosis is not that scary. We are all hypnotized several times a day. When you’re daydreaming, when you’re thinking about, ‘Oh, I wish I was doing […]