What is the third mind?

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What is the third mind? Let’s explore the conscious mind, first. It is your thinking mind. You ask questions, store information, learn skill sets you use daily.  It coexists with the subconscious. The subconscious mind works tirelessly. It remembers to beat your heart, keep your reflexes in motion and acts as a seven-year-old triggering the emotion fear keeping you safe from the danger it perceives. Often, it is this darling that resurrects anxiety, undue stress, and depression because it is governing an adult through life on autopilot.  The third mind is the higher consciousness, super subconscious, or god consciousness.  We have given it many labels in the last few decades.  This portion of our mind system allows us to reprogram the seven-year-old and give it new beliefs. It is the portion of mind we access in Quantum Healing Hypnosis and it is the portion that reprograms the subconscious in traditional hypnosis.


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