You can change yourself

Can you change and become the person you dream of? Yes, you can. By reprogramming your subconscious. It takes twenty-one days to break a habit. The opposite side of that thought is it takes a rough day to undo all you strived to accomplish and then beat yourself up with self talk about failure, unworthiness, and not being able to do anything correctly. Sound familiar?

We want to encourage you to succeed. The success you are worthy of, the success you crave, and the success that is yours for the taking when you embrace victory by breaking a habit.

In hypnosis your subconscious brain waves move into the Theta state at 4 to 7.5 Hz equivalent to the sound waves of 432hz. Some of our pre-recorded sessions are infused with 432hz to help assist you in achieving the level of mind you need to succeed in reprogramming your subconscious to accept the new you.

Alternative healers have known since ancient times the best time to formulate and self motivate is just before fully waking and as you drift off to sleep. In today’s world of technology, you can train our brain to slow to the theta level of brain waves that naturally occur those two times of the day. Overlay them with the sound waves at 432hz and train yourself to live the life of your dreams. You’ll launch your metamorphosis into action.

What do you want to create within your life? Is it self esteem, confidence, weight control, stop smoking, alcohol or drug addiction or decluttering, self-image, prosperity, a healthy lifestyle, a change in eating habits? If you have more items you want to change, please check out our recording titled, “Creative Theater” or choose two and listen to one in the morning and the other before bed for thirty consecutive days.

Contact our office to have a session created for you. Receive your recorded private session to listen to for relaxation along with transformational achievements.

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